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      SPRITE is a multi-disciplinary European training network which brings together Europe’s premier research institutes in the technology and applications of ion beams. Those involved, already actively collaborate, for example, in the EC Infrastructure project, SPIRIT which has recently been very favorably reviewed.

      SPRITE addresses a European need - identified in a recent Foresight Review - to train the next generation of researchers in this multi- and supra- disciplinary field. SPRITE offers an innovative training package, giving its researchers the opportunity to gain “real world” experience and “business facing skills” with the private and public sectors, through its Internship Mobility Partnerships (IMPS). SPRITE also operates ELVEs (European Laboratory Visit Exchanges) so that in combination with the IMPs, every ER and ESR will spend up to 30% of their time outside their host laboratory, with some of this time in another EC country. Collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) offers a further dimension to SPRITE, as the researchers have the opportunity to work with part of the United Nations and thus put their research into a global context and interact with scientists from all over the world.

      In addition to the IMPs and ELVE’s SPRITE uses the “Action Planner” software developed at the University of Surrey. This maps on to the Researcher Development Framework, currently being trialed by the European Science Foundation and allows the training for each researcher to be tailored to their individual needs and aspirations. In addition to individualized training, SPRITE offers network wide training events, these encompass technical training and business facing skills. These not only give those on SPRITE a breadth of experience but also facilitate the formation of a vibrant and self supporting cohort amongst SPRITE’s researchers.